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I got to know Brian when we served together on City Council 10 years ago.  What most impressed me about him was his honesty and his work ethic.  He came to every meeting prepared and with open mind, and the process he used to make a decision was always built around “how will this affect the residents who live here.”  I support his candidacy and will vote for him.

-Dr. Ralph Piening

I am a long time (22+years) Isle of Palms resident , have known Brian Duffy for most of those years .and am very pleased to endorse him for IOP City  Council in the upcoming elections. Brian is an experienced public servant (Council member 2008 -2011) with a clear vision for keeping IOP a beautiful and enjoyable place for both residents and visitors. His previous Council time ensures an in-depth knowledge of local government policies and procedures -which will allow him to “hit the ground running” from Day One. He has always been outspoken in his commitment to protecting the quality of life for our residents (whether that be in managing #s of short term rentals, noise control, traffic issues, etc.) And  he has made those views known repeatedly at council meetings ,letters to various media, and by tirelessly working to educate residents on the current issues and on  the need to implement  policies which will maintain a  reasonable balance between residents and renters going forward. In summary, his honesty, dedication, and commitment are unwavering; I believe he will represent this beautiful island well as a Council member and I am most pleased to endorse him for this seat.  

-Arlene Dunn

When we read about Brian's announcement to run for IOP City Council, we always felt that he deeply reflected the core values that we believe should be the heart of our island. His understanding of today’s issues show us the direction that this community needs to embrace. We support him wholeheartedly in this critical upcoming election.

-MJ and Vincent O’Brien

I have known Brian Duffy for more than 20 years. He and his wife Catherine Malloy have been involved with and supported the conservation efforts of the Island Turtle Team since the beginning. He has always cared about the quality of life of the residents of the Isle of Palms. I believe his experience as a City Council member will serve him well, and I am planning to vote for him in the upcoming election.

-Mary Pringle

We have known Brian for more than fifteen years, since his first term on city council. What a loss to the City that he was not re-elected in 2011. The fact that he is willing to consider running for City Council again just demonstrates his deep commitment to his neighbors, the residents of the Isle of Palms. He believes in the Comprehensive Plan’s vision statement that we are a “premier barrier island residential community”. He will fight to prevent us from becoming just another commodity. We look forward to casting our ballots for him in November.

-Dana and Bea Love

I have lived on the Isle of Palms for 30 years.  I voted for Brian Duffy for City Council in 2007 and 2011, and I am so pleased that he is running again.  Brian has always supported the best interests of our permanent residents.  He is dedicated to maintaining our current balance of residents to vacation renters, and he is well aware of the threat of corporate investments in our neighborhoods. Brian is a candidate with honesty and integrity, and he has my vote. I encourage you to vote for him as well.  

-Georgia Roane

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